The Monthly Cause

Transhuman Tees has always wanted to make a contribution back to Transhumanism and Longevity causes a key part of our mission. Our first ever tee sale generated a $5 donation to SENS as a result.

The problem was, it took 45 days for that donation to reach SENS because we were using someone else’s platform to deliver the goods. That simply is too slow.

After playing around with various stores and platforms (and a lot of trial and error), we have now taken control of production as well as the design of our merchandise.

What does this mean?

Beginning December 23rd 2016 we are adding The Monthly Cause to Transhuman Tees.

Meaning $1 from every item sold on our store gets donated to a cause picked for that specific month.

The only item not included in this charitable endeavour is our logo tee (because we only make 50c on that shirt).

Causes may not run strictly to a calendar month, but they will be at least 3-4 weeks in duration. Below you will see a list of the causes we have supported, or are currently supporting:

CellAge | December 23rd 2016 – January 20th 2017